Barcelona City FM Welcomed the XLR Collective Project Students

Barcelona City FM welcomed 12 students from the XLR Collective Project, Bristol for our “Gender and Media” workshop.

Michelle Hardiman runned the workshop. Students discussed men and women in media, changes in the last 20 years in terms of gender roles, fuelling change, prejudice in men based industries, responsibilities of individuals.


After the discussion session the students practiced interview techniques in studio with our DJ T-Bird.

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Meet Caty and her love for music

1. What are your next projects as a dj and producer?

I want to consolidate as a funk and house DJ. As a producer, I have 3 projects: a progressive house music along with my friends Stasik T and Mindmusik, another one, with Keinke also an Interdit member, and also recently I started working along another musician Ranch creating funk music with some live instruments.

2. Your funk project playing live looks really good. What’s your next step with this project?

We want to compose only original tracks, with some guest musicians from bands like Marveck, Zeus versus Atlas and Ohhlala, to create a fusion of electronic and analog elements. And we are looking forward to do it with some other friends that also produce disco music like Rafael Fernández.

3. Where can the people currently go and see you perform?

Most of the time I perform at AM LOCAL in Mexico City, but I also have gigs frequently at Terraza Catedral, Hookah and Tara Roma

4. How do you work with your partner in the process of making music?

I like to reunite and start with some brainstorm of ideas which we have during the week that we would like to try, we always like to have a lot of fun during the process, make the atmosphere very light so we can be as creative as possible.

5. Are you preparing a new release with Interdit?

Yes, along with Keinke we are working on an EP that’s going out soon.

6.- What is your favourite way for producing tracks?

I like to start with the rhythmic base, I like tracks to have a lot of groove so I think it’s important to concentrate on that base first of all. Currently I’m using Ableton Live platform.
7. Any new solo album coming soon?

Not yet, but I’m looking forward to achieve that eventually, create my own tracks. I’m working on that too.

8. What advice would you tell DJs who try to make a living with music?

Always believe in music, but most importantly, believe in good music, have a good approach, and always look for new ways to express yourself with music.
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Richard van Batenburg, Soho House Barcelona General Manager meets Jim Kent

Richard Van Batenburg

Soho House & Co was founded in London, in 1995, as a private members’ club for those in film, media and creative industries. They have since expanded to include Houses across Europe and North America, as well as restaurants, cinemas, spas and hotels.

Soho House Barcelona General Manager Richard van Batenburg visited Barcelona City FM to chat with Jim Kent. DUring the conversation we learned that you can’t take a picture in Soho House, ties are not allowed and you can’t use your mobile phone! (They have a small space if you need to receive that urgent call) But wait! We have some good news! They’ll open a beach house at beach of Garaf next spring.

Richard van Batenburg
Richard van Batenburg
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David Etienne, founder of Interdit Label

1.It’s been more than 5 years since the creation of your label Interdit. Why did you decide to start this project?

I created Interdit with some local friends in 2011, at the beginning without knowing it’s real path; we could say we create a crew just to make some parties, have fun with friends and do our passion, play music! But it was one year ago, when I decide with my partner Caty from Mexico to make this project more serious and more real than it was.

2. What does your job in Interdit involve on a day-to-day basis?

Well right now we’re shaping the project, we’ve been releasing monthly podcasts of djs and producers from several countries, very focused on the release of our new website, producing and gathering great music for our next releases. Personally, working every week in the studio!

3.What are your next releases with the label?

Our next releases: the first one by me and Jose Muñoz better known as Ojos, including also two remixes. Caty and Keinke, members from Interdit, are preparing the second one, with also two remixes on the release.

4. What does it take for an artist to release music with your label?

We all share a passion so we look for people that can share and increase this passion. Speaking for the team, I believe, we want to work hard in this project, to show new faces, in the scene, with interesting proposals, give the shot to talented people, the opportunity to stand out and to be listened. Always encouraging them to share their music with us.

5. Any upcoming events with the label?

In Barcelona, we have a residency in the beloved Switch Pocket Club (Gracia), the next one is on March 29th next to the Lithuanian Ginny Quid. Also, we have an exciting event on April at Warehouse (Plaza España) with a line up to be announced very soon.

As well some showcases in Mexico City.

6. What are the next moves as a label?

To share, learn and grow. I think this resumes all; we want to share our music, to go more deep into it and grow, to expand our message to other essential cities for electronic music.

7. It seems most dj’s end up building their own label. What are the advantages for the dj?

I think that could be very relative. From the beginning if you’re a dj and have a defined style, then you will know what you’re searching for, where to find it, and how it works with the electronic music scene. If you create a label, you have to know your real purpose to do it. The hard part is not to build a label but to know the reason to do it, a reason that not only help yourself to share your music, but really change something, improve something or help somehow to do it.  So, advantages depend on what you are looking for.

8. What is your favourite way for producing tracks?

I started to produce on Cubase, then I went to Logic, and I felt very comfortable doing it on that DAW, but recently, I started to use some hardware as Groovebox, Electribe, the Volca synths, Microbrute, and there’s where I found the meaning of life…lol! Not, but really, with the hardware way, you can reach a huger sound than with the digital part.

9. Any new album or project coming soon?

I’m preparing a new project with another member from Interdit, which will be out very soon, and as I told you before, we’re cooking some future releases for the label.

10. What is your recommendation to a young DJ who wants to earn a living in the world of music?

To be real, always believe in your style and yourself. But the most important thing is to be persistent and work hard on what you believe.

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Barcelona City FM presents

We’re back! In collaboration with ArtSpace Barcelona, Barcelona City FM presents a night of low-fi beats, hip-hop vibes and nu-jazz sounds with:

Nu Epoque
Track Family & guest ESCO
Louie Headnod
DJ Millie Johnson


Full event lowdown & ticket link via RA:
€7 adv / €10 on the door. Drink included.

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Win a week of yoga in Ibiza.

Win a FREE Yoga Retreat to IBIZA and many discounts with us by tuning in on Barcelona City FM 107.3 or via the Barcelona City FM Android & Apple apps.

Every morning at 9.30 from the 6th of march, we will be posting an image of a Yoga position on our Yoga Weeks Facebook Page for you to guess which Yoga position it is.

To participate simply like, share and guess the position in the image on the same post.

Why participate? Well, just by participating you win a 10% discount off any of our yoga retreats or passes for 2017 not just in Ibiza but all of them!

On Friday morning we will announce the winner of the FREE IBIZA YOGA RETREAT of summer 2017 live on Barcelona City FM Radio Show at 9.30am.

We will also get in contact via Facebook with the winner.

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