A Bathing Suit Covered in Chest Hair-Is This Appealing?

Some say that swimwear trends come and go, but chest hair is forever! But is it attractive to wear it on your swimsuit? Maybe to some people.

This new clothing website Beloved now is boasting of their sales on their new “sexy chest one piece” that is printed with a quirky image of a man’s hairy chest on the front. The image shows such a realistic torso with plenty chest hair, even around the nipples on the front. This seem a little unattractive to see on a beautiful woman lying on the beach soaking up the sun. Some men may like it though. Sales have risen since they have launched the new piece because women are purchasing this swimsuit left and right. The new addition to Beloved  is offered at only 35 euros. It also can be ordered offline in sizes ranging from XS- XXL with many different skin tone selections. WOW! Make a variety of hairy chest suits, why don’t you?

I guess this new design is considering the way society accepts openly topless men on the beach, but do we want to see our women like that? This can possibly make a statement or it cannot. We shall see. You just might see one of these hairy chested women on one of your local beaches flaunting her stuff.

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