Palm Grease at Hotel Pulitzer w/ ΩIII (Klasse Recordings)

Palm Grease is composed of Archie “Archer” Thomas, Dickon, David Burr, and Matt “Satta B” Bovey. This group delivers a great variety of club culture and radio and started their journey in Barcelona. They often organize many musical events around the city.

Palm Grease is deeply involved in the culture of vinyl and house and disc. We, Barcelona City FM strongly support their weekly programing here at the studio. They will be hosting an event this Thursday, June 15 at the Hotel Pulitzer-Barcelona. The event will be located on the amazing rooftop terrace of the hotel with drinks available between 7:00pm-12:00pm, also with special guest Omega III Klasse Recordings. You do not want to miss out on this awesome experience.

Oh yeah, LADIES… these men are pretty good looking, so you do not want to stay home tonight. And men, you know the ladies will be there for sure. Come on out and enjoy this night of great music with our friends, Palm Grease!

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