As we continue with this great summer, we have added a new show to our radio schedule! Now, every Wednesday evening from 6pm-7pm, we will be airing Zest For Life with hosts Matthew Anello and Vesna Gino. Zest for Life will be channeling all of their listeners who are empowered & inspired to begin or continue their journey to sustainable health, nutrition and conscious living practices. The time is now to be the best you and this radio show is perfect if you are looking to do just that.

Both Vesna and Matthew will be connecting with listeners to find ALL of who they are, not just their thoughts, but also their emotional landscape, body and soul purpose, and how that has an effect on the food choices they make. They will be encouraging to push for exactly what you want in life for yourself. Matthew has written a book called The Secret to Conscious Living to awaken people on why they are here and to discover their purpose every day. How inspirational, right? We all can agree that we need a little more positivity in our life and listening to this show every Wednesday will ensure that you will find out who you are and how to begin to living life to the fullest.

We, Barcelona City FM, will be airing the show live on our website: . You can tune into 107.3 if you are local , and Matthew & Vesna will be recording the show on Facebook Live as well. You do not want to miss the opportunity. Zest For Life will change you in way that you can’t imagine!

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