There’s Still Good in the World!

A heartwarming moment of a  woman helping a stranger with his tie is giving people a reason to feel cheerful has been  swarming the internet lately. And we are very happy about this. Something in the news other than negativity.

The image was recently shared to on Twitter and shows a woman helping a young man sort his necktie out – he had apparently been struggling. Maybe it was his first time.Thankfully, the kind woman was on hand to help. The photo was taken on public transport in San Francisco, US. There’s still beauty in the world, and the woman is being rightly praised.

Either way, it was amazing to see someone that does not know this young man actually want to assist in teaching him a new thing that he can use forever in the future.

While it’s a touching moment, people are also obsessing over something else: the woman’s arms. It does look like she’s into the gym. Take a look at the picture above!
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