Sant Joan Aftermath

This weekend saw the amazing celebration of Sant Joan for the capital city. This traditional Catalan event is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Perpignan, Saint Jean Baptiste. The highlight of the festivities were held on the evening of June 23, with kilometers of people filling the beaches. The event is celebrating the Summer Solstice,  the shortest night of the year, which creates a renowned electric atmosphere. The party usually begins during the afternoon and continues throughout the evening all the way until  sunrise, so be prepared to stay awake ALL DAY & NIGHT! There were many bonfires along the sands of the beach and families enjoying fireworks as they gazed into the night time sky.  Abigail Adoptie from BarcelonaCityFM told us the highlight of her night was watching the fireworks with an ice cold beverage and attending the clubs nearby. She also enjoyed being able to lay comfortab

ly with her friends along the ocean shore.

“The amount of children lighting sparklers and firecrackers on the sidewalk was so WILD! ” Alex, an intern at our station stated. She also said, “I loved the vibe that everyone was so happy and enjoying themselves in every way. My favorite part was meeting people on the beach and hanging out with them as if we knew each other. With this being my first time in Barcelona, that was a great night to remember for sure.” For first-timers or people who are from America, who would possibly compare it to their Fourth of July celebration. They are somewhat similar, yet very different in so many ways. An article on El Pais informed that more than eight hundred  clean-up crew members were needed to return the city to its normal spotless state the next morning.

We have added some photos for you to look at in case you missed it. But if you didn’t, WHAT A GREAT NIGHT!!!



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