Tattoos are becoming more accepted in the world as a form of creativity for the body. Some say that it is a way to express and describe who you are, while some view it as a destruction of your body image. Either way you put it, people are adding these interesting symbols, pictures, and images to make a statement.

Vivien Bodycote, 59, is a grandmother that you might be surprised to see. She has a passionate love for body art and has covered her body with more than 20 tattoos of Jose Mourinho. Yes, were talking about Jose, the former professional football player and the manager of the Premier League club Manchester United. Vivien says she gets weak at the knees at the sight of Mourinho and has dedicated her whole body to him. WHAAAT? Sounds outrageous.

Tony, 76, Vivien’s husband,  has retired from working with concrete and has invested fully into Viven’s ink addiciton. He has said to have spent more than £800 of his pension on tattoos of Jose’s face for his wife’s body. THAT IS A TRUE INVESTMENT FOR SURE! I know some of you have celebrity crushes and an idol that you look up to. But how many of you would actually dedicate your entire body to this one person…PERMANENTLY?

Viven said in an interview, “I rarely go into town and not come back with another Jose tattoo. I must have 20 of just that man. He’s not just the special one, he’s the only one.” THE ONLY ONE? REALLY VIV? The price of her tattoos have varied with some being only £60 to £250. She has not even been to a football match since the 90’s, but when she attended with her father, she fell in love ever since. Just last week, she has gotten a quite large size tattoo of Jose’s face on her thigh. She has images of his faces on other parts of her body, but she said this is the biggest one yet.

A quite bazaar decision as well is that she said if Jose was to propose to her at any time, she would divorce her husband for him. That seems a little far fetched. I would feel bad if I was Tony. But hey, they might be able to come to an agreement in this situation. Let’s hope that Ms. Bodycote gets to finally meet Jose Mourinho so her dreams of meeting him can finally come to life.

Take a look at the pics below of her fantastic and extravagant art.

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