Nathan Quinn : Sunday’s from 3pm

Mixologist * MC * Producer

Drawing from more than twenty years of experience, Nathan pilots his audiences in a continuous dance journey across a richly woven tapestry of sound which runs the gamut from old school anthems, deep and funky house grooves to mesmerizing tribal beats, dreamy trance or progressive hard house to present “big house” vocal anthems and ingeniously remixed Pop music. As a result, Nathan has built a reputation for delivering multi-layered performances, which are inspirational! “Music to me is the language of Angels – the one communication which connects us beyond ourselves”.

Nathan got his start in Phoenix, Arizona at the legendary Casa De Roma. Playing alongside notables Marcus “the slice” Schulz, Eddie Amador, Kevin Brown and Jamie J. Sanchez. Nathan quickly gained a loyal mainstream and LGBT following with his self produced, sold out dance events, “Club Blackout” and “Ascension” in Phoenix, Sedona and Flagstaff, AZ.

Nathan has built a cross cultural performance record which he considers “an amazing blessing”, with DJ residencies and special appearances at the iconic Vancouver, BC hotspot – Graceland; in Sedona, Arizona at W. 89th St. Night Club, Club Paradise in Lansing, Michigan; It’s ‘Bout Times in Tucson, Arizona; Charlie’s and Gypsy in Las Vegas, NV; Ifaisteia Festival in Santorini, Greece, La Luna and Salvation in Barcelona, Spain, Union Bar and Club

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