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What a Freak Week

According to a research made in the Loma Linda University, in Califórnia (USA), laughing is healthy.

Besides being such a good habit, laughing may reduce the risk of heart disease, upgrade the levels of good cholesterol in the blood, clean your lungs, improve the digestion, and strengthen the immune system!

So, do you need a pick up, needing some motivation?

That’s why Barcelona City Radio and Dj Bobby Bastos with Under lucky Stars.com , are here to help you with that.

Oh yeah! Bobby Bastos is on air five days a  week.  A comedy show where you will meet the best side of his personality as a comedian, dj, drag queen… Just to lift you up and put a little freak into your week.

Mark on your calendar: from now on, you will have two hours per day of the most fun you can have: from Monday to Friday, one  till three pm.

Mood of the week
Check out the schedule of our daily subjects.

#moodymonday – what mood did your weekend put you in?
#talkotuesday -talk about everything #barcelona , the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly
#ventsday – vent about everything that annoys you about something.
#RandoThursday -random guests picked fresh from the streets of Barcelona to be a guest to discuss a random topic
#FREAKoverFriday how to make a simple makeover into a #freakover !

Let #djbobbybastos keep your #weekyfreaky

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