The politics of peace

The march for peace, scheduled for 18.00 today, will be led by Ada Calau who said in La Vanguardia  Barcelona has spoken to the world. Because what has happened is a global phenomenon that other cities suffer, but in Barcelona the first reaction has been a strong and ironclad unity, truly “Not tinc por”.

Up to 100,000 people are expected and people are encouraged to arrive early as there are many travel disruptions in the meeting area.

16,000 protestors were seen in Cabrills also protesting for peace and included representatives of the Muslim community stating that the men who committed the terrorist acts did not represent them.

The President of the Generalitat, Carlos Pudigemont has accused Spain’s Prime minister Marianna Rajoy of politizing the subject of security following the attacks, highlighting that Spain has not increased resources to the Mossos despite numerous requests. It has also become apparent that one of the intelligence failures running up to the attacks was that the CIA had informed the National intelligence agency in Spain of a possible attack but this had not been passed on to Catalan security authorities.

Catalan police are not without blame, however.  Intelligence provided by Belgian authorities concerning the Iman, Es Satty, now known to be the architect of the attacks who was blown up in the house explosion in Alcanar was passed to authorities but not acted upon.  National police organisations are also complaining about being left out of post attack investigations by Catalan authorities.




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