500,000 people say “No Tinc Por”

Half a million people marched Passeig de Gràcia this Sunday protesting against terror attacks and for peace. The march was led by the King of Spain Felipe VI, Spanish president Mariano Rajoy, Catalan president Carles Puigdemont and city major Ada Colau.

The general tenets were solidarity, peace and highlighting that this was not just about a conflict with Islam

Some of the banners read: “Imagine a country that does not sell arms”, “Felipe, whoever seeks peace does not sell weapons” and “NO jihad and no crusades”. People were also holding flags, most of them Catalan and Spanish, but also some Bolivian, Venezuelan and Tibetan flags amongst others as well.

The biggest applause was for the police, who are regarded as dealing with the aftermath and investigation very well.

The biggest boos were for the king as he drove away past people that supported independence and during political interviews afterwards.

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