The most illegal referendum in the world : Updates

The YES campaign is firmly underway after a major rally in Tarragona last night. Held in the traditional bull ring, police had threatened to prevent the event taking place but did not follow through. The Yes campaign will be dependent on such events in the context of not being allowed any advertisements in the National press apart from state backed Barcelona TV.

Meanwhile 700 Catalan Mayors who are supporting the illegal referendum, have been summoned by the Public Prosecutor, however, it is considered to be sabre rattling by Madrid and unlikely to result in any real action.

Where are the ballot boxes? Is a question many are asking as police had also been given instructions to seize them, but for the moment they are safely hidden in Galicia and not likely to be shipped to Cataluna until the day before the vote.

Will the vote go ahead? It’s likely the police will be given instructions to prevent polling from occurring but its also likely they will not prevent people from actually voting.

The latest polls? In recent years polls had indicated a 50/50 split amongst voters for independence and just two months ago the Yes camp had seen a fall in support. However, the tough approach by Madrid has fuelled support and if a legal referendum occurred today the final result would be too close to call.

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