The Benefits of Theatre for Children

“All the world’s a stage”. Shakespeare knew it, Beckett knew it, we know it and you should know it too! The performing arts have been proven to be one of the best ways to grow as a person in many different ways. So, why not get children to experience the art of theatre?

As we all know, there are 3 major modes of learning – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Often, children who are more kinaesthetic need to be physically active to experience the world, and to exhaust all of their pent up energy. Most of the time at school and at home, children are taught to sit still and be quiet, and to speak only when they are allowed to. Through singing, dancing, speaking, story-telling and performing, the theatre can provide a massive outlook for children to express themselves in a healthy and independent environment.
To perform in a theatre production takes a handful of people working in a tight-knit group; both on the stage and behind the scenes, everybody is working together towards one single objective. So, this is an excellent way to show children (and adults) how to work together in a team and to help each other to achieve a common goal. Another plus of working in a group is learn to empathise with other people – to put yourself in someone else’s shoes to better understand their perspective.
In a world where we are taught that objectively things can only be right or wrong, theatre is a great way to show children that there is more than one way to answer a question. In a black and white world, theatre can provide a splash of colour to a child’s imagination. Plus, they get to have a ton of fun!

If you are convinced that the performing arts may be beneficial to your children, don’t look further than The Drama Factory located in El Born. The director, Sophie Heydel, has been teaching drama to children for more than a decade and a half, and really sees the benefit that children feel from being on the stage.

Sign up to The Drama Factory for your children to explore their creative abilities, develop self-confidence, communication skills, meet new people, and above all, have a bucket full of fun. For more information about how to enrol, visit the Facebook page at, or drop in at Carrer de Portal Nou 30.

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