Meet Our DJs

Meet Matthew Murtha, the presenter of Technically Funny and find out about his experience of Barcelona and working for our radio station

I had visited Barcelona twice before for the Primavera Sound Festival and fell in love with its rich history and culture. When the time came to relocate and continue my research in neural epigenetics, Barcelona was naturally on the top of my list. I was able to quickly find a renown lab that would accommodate me and won funding from the European Research Council to investigate how the genome becomes misregulated in autism spectrum disorders.

Since being here I have fallen in with the arts scene and taken up performing stand up comedy. Blending my passion for science with comedy has given me new purpose and a focus on scientific communications and outreach. Barcelona City FM provides the perfect environment to practice this craft with its reach of tens of thousands of people. In this respect, Barcelona has allowed me to achieve dreams I had not even been aware of!

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