November Changes!

As we enter November we have some new faces join the radio and some established shows coming to an end. We say goodbye to D.N.S, who has been on air since April 2016 with her Friday night show Groove Control championing a mix of experimental techno. As well as being an integral part of the events team and founding the Women in Sonar project, we give a big thanks to Michelle who is moving on to head up the radio project for shesaidso Barcelona and look out for future Groove Control events at in Barcelona and beyond.

New Arrivals

Philippe Bartu is changing the pace of your conversation and helping you reflect about the way you feel on Wednesday Evenings. This week at 18.00 expect Philippe to be asking the questions and providing the insights to real life coaching clients in the studio. Want to be a guest simply message his page

Keep it Simple

Also joining us back on air are Farida and Marc with Magic Mondays.  Every Monday at 11.00 combining the best guests, hilarious chat with their own insights into life, happiness, and fulfillment.

Farida and Marc
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