Getting the inside track with some of our favourite DJs

Jim Kent
JIm Kent the guy with the chat

We have been getting to know some of our Favourite DJs

Slipmatt. Founding member of SL2, best known for the massive house tracks “On A Ragga tip”, “Djs take control” both of which were huge in 1992 and continue to be played to this day.

Our Conclusion: Back in the day Matt was probably one of those guys who danced like Keith Flint in Firestarter but now has become civilised and shops in Waitrose.

 Eamon Downes from Liquid. Now living in Rome creating and producing tracks, his original hits “Sweet Harmony” followed by “Liquid is Liquid” remain firm favourites for old-school ravers like us!

Our Conclusion: Eamon looks too young to have been playing in the 90s!! where he looks good. He’s Dj’d all over and now and has become a family man!

Jon Fitz, DJ, Musician and producer. Worked extensively with Jason Herd and produced some massive hits in the mid 2000s including “I just can’t get enough featuring the vocals of Abigail Bailey” and “I like the way you move”, where he was the bass player for the Body Rockers.

Our Conclusion: Jon uses lots of haircare products and despite being a house Dj now loves his disco. We are waiting for “Abba the mixes”

Seamus Harji, DJ, Producer.  From his early days using an Atari, he developed his craft and then ended up producing in partnership with Paul Emmanuel which resulted in some massive tracks including “Booty luv” and “Take me away”.

Our Conclusion: Seamus is a master technician and an ear for hearing disco samples and turning them into house classics. Rumour has it, if you are invited round to his place ask him for a Vindaloo.


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