Actor Peter Malek Joins Going Deep on Monday

Peter Malek has already had an exciting 2018. The American actor has appeared in National Geographic’s “The Long Road Home” and he will be in the upcoming blockbuster film “12 Strong” alongside Chris Hemsworth.  “12 Strong” is the true story of American special forces sent into Afghanistan on horseback to fight the Taliban. What those 12 men achieved in three weeks is said to be one of the biggest military triumphs in history.  12 Strong opens in theaters on January 19th.

Malek will discuss the differences of TV and film acting, working with stars in the film industry, having a stunt double and who his dream co-star would be.  Tune into Going Deep with Billy Harfosh this Monday 15th of January at 4pm to learn more about Malek’s career, from nursing school to the bright lights of Hollywood.


12 Strong Movie Trailer:

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