Getting to Madrid has never been cheaper

Good news for enthusiastic travellers between Barcelona and Madrid! Instead of paying at least 107€ for this three-hour train ride, Renfe is now working on a low-cost version of the AVE, which will be called EVA. This service will become operational in 2019 and will be about 25% cheaper than the current offering.

The Minister of Development, Íñigo de la Serna, announced the news this Tuesday in el Prat de Llobregat. Those responsible for the project EVA call the new train the “train of the future” and “train of intelligence”. Apart from the price factor, the EVA will have Wifi on board and there won’t be any physical tickets needed. Instead, identification will be carried out via facial or hand recognition. Also, tickets can be combined with other means of transport to ensure a smooth travel experience from origin to destination.

Other probable perks of the EVA will be the desks that allow groups of up until six people to sit together, video services and an exclusive department for pets or sport equipment. The new service will operate five times per day and will transport 1.05 million passengers per year. The objective, starting next year, is to progressively extend the new EVA to other High Speed lines.

In order to attract especially younger travellers, the prices for the EVA trains will be between 20% and 25% cheaper than previously.


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