Cadíz: Failed attempt to free drug lord

Over 20 hooded men broke into the La Línea hospital in Cadiz on Tuesday afternoon. Their mission was to take a detained drug lord with them. The two guarding policemen were unable to prevent the incidence and only managed to arrest one person. The search for the other fugitives continues.

The narco ended up in the hospital after a persecution in which he was arrested, according to sources confirmed by the National Police. This arrest occurred early in the afternoon, when a citizen security patrol of the police noticed the presence of S.C.D., a person belonging to the criminal clan of Los Castañitas. He was known to the security forces because he was already under police order. After trying to escape on a motorcycle, the suspect fell off the vehicle in the area of El Zabal, one of the points of activity of drug trafficking in the town. Therefore, the two policemen decided to transfer him to the hospital to receive adequate health care.

During his stay at La Línea hospital, several SUVs arrived at the emergency door and from there the covered people entered the facilities by force. They made their way to the detainee with the intention of taking him with them. The two agents could do little to avoid the escape, despite trying to struggle with the assailants, according to the police sources.

Written by Laura Kabelka
[email protected]

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