Satellite Terminal in El Prat before 2026

The on-going growth of Barcelona-El Prat airport has forced the Ministry of Development to draft a new master plan that responds to the situation. Constructing a satellite terminal is the main point of action to absorb the rising number of monthly passengers registered by the airport.

Aena’s (Spanish airports and air navigation) construction, which was not completed nine years ago in previous developments of the airport, will allow greater capacities of both passengers and planes. The Minister of Development,  Íñigo de la Serna, visited El Prat today to announce that it will be put in operation before 2026.

It will be a satellite terminal, similar to the one that exists in Barajas (Madrid),  where an automatic train is connected to Terminal 1. Due to this installation, there will be 17 new positions for aircrafts and the spots will be given to intercontinentally employed aircrafts in particular. “It is a traffic that needs to be enhanced,” the minister stressed, since despite adding new routes each year, the bulk of activity in Barcelona continues to be low-cost airlines.

The construction of the new terminal will involve an investment of 200 million euros and 255 more for the automated connection for passengers and luggage between Terminal 1 and the satellite building. Development foresees a total investment of 690 million euros until 2026 at the El Prat airport.

Written by Laura Kabelka
[email protected]

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