Is Madrid using economic news as propaganda?

The Financial Times designated Catalonia to be the best region to invest in Southern Europe just yesterday.  The Financial Times drew this conclusion for both 2018 and 2019, by examining economic potential, human capital/lifestyle, profitability, connectivity and business climate, comparing Catalonia to 450 other European regions and cities!Catalonia was ranked first, followed by Madrid, Lombardy, Istanbul and Lisbon.This is great news for the autonomous region of Catalonia and a far cry from the negative message communicated in much of the Spanish press.

Xavier Hernandez, a lawyer and businessman from Barcelona, has posed the question as to why Catalonia has been chosen as such a great place to invest, while the Spanish Media has depicted it as a complete economic disaster triggered by the recent independence campaign?

“After repeating the election for a second time, Spanish Media talk about companies moving away from Catalonia, tourists are supposedly not coming anymore and a lot of investments are predicted to go to other parts of the country. For these developments, the independence fighters are being blamed”.

Since October 2017, Catalonia is portrayed as going downhill. The impacts are said to affect all sectors, the national politicians have been denounced by the Media. But Hernandez sees this as a propaganda strategy, to spread fear, whilst in fact the regions’ GDP has been growing.

“The strategy is to create this clima in order to justify that people are in prison for the acts of October 1, justifying that their actions have been devastating for the Catalan economy and politicians deserve to be in jail, and only the action of the Spanish governement will save the Catalan economy.”

In his opinion, “the Spanish Media will not announce positive results regarding the Catalan economy, but prefer to keep the idea that their political situation is only damaging the economy and the independence fighters are destroying their own country.”

“The few platforms actually talking about Catalonia’s growth bring up the argument that it is still too early to see the real damage, but who will remember that all Media were lying when we finally reach the moment where the impacts can be measured?”
Pro-independence Catalans definitely will, while walking up the busy streets filled with tourists. “Because they realise that the Spanish Media are only trying to create a climate of sadness, showing pictures of people fighting each other, violence in the streets, and the economy going downhill.”
The independence debate continues. Visca Catalunya!

Written by Laura Kabelka
[email protected]

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