Jordi Perez: CEO of GOBAI

This Tuesday morning at 9am we had Jordi Perez, CEO of GOBAI Group, with us. GOBAI Group is a property project management firm that specialises in technical projects and gaining approval from authorities for activities and facilities in Barcelona and surroundings.

The GOBAI Group includes engineers, architects and technicians with professional experience in managing renovations and property projects and have an extensive network of collaborators especially within estate agencies.

Jordi Perez himself is an Industrial Engineer and tells us that the first challenge when starting a renovation project is to find “the location and the premises. It is not easy because a lot of people want to open a restaurant or a shop in Barcelona and the competition is quite hard. You have to put a lot of effort into finding a location.”

If you missed him you can watch him on our Facebook Live Stream or just click below.


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