Catalan pre-registration schools might include option of choosing Castilian

The Generalitat had so far avoided giving families the option to choose a school enrollment of 25% in Spanish and now the government is studying to include this option.

The Ministry of Education is considering including the so-called language box in the pre-registration brochures of the schools in Catalonia. It is a section that allows families to choose if they want their children to study at least 25% of the content in Spanish. Until now, the Generalitat had avoided this formula, endorsed by different court decisions and included in the Organic Law for the Improvement of Educational Quality since 2014. With the application of Article 155, educational competences are passed on to the Government of Spain, among others.

According to El País, the Secretary of State for Education, Marcial Marín, said “We are in it,”, this Thursday in a press appearance when asked about the enrollment in the Catalan school, whose application period opens in the coming weeks. “In any case, we are sensitive to the problem and we will announce a decision soon,” added Marín.

Until now, schooling Catalan children in Spanish was a very difficult process that included the request for financial aid. Respective families had to ask the Generalitat for this particular type of schooling and, in case of no response, they proceeded to request the 6,000€ from the state. Children had to be enrolled in private centers to be taught in Castilian. The state had six months to respond and, if granted, discounted the number of transfers to the budget of the Generalitat.

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