Meet Ro Bradley Big Room House

Every Thursday from 9-10pm CET we welcome Ro Bradley Big Room House to Barcelona City FM 107.3.

Bradley Clark was born in England and is a dual citizen of Australia, though his family is from Hungary, Australia and Canada, so a colorful mix. Right now, he is in Toronto, spending a lot of time at Trench Recordings with “the wizard Lionel Pedro”, as he puts it. He will be in the UK in March for some secret events and meetings and will be back to North America for a single release tour with Sam Callahan. And finally, he will be back to Barcelona mid-June!

He tells us his “immediate plans are to record, record, record. I’m working with Sam Callahan in the studio, which is a dream come true. I’m further working with a few unknown artists, who are amazingly talented.”

“I really enjoy radio hosting primarily and this year I will be doing a lot more live mixing, so far I’ve been very production based. I do a lot of tracks for other artists and labels, so finally this year I will have enough of my own tracks to do a full set! I really like playing different styles and in my mixes on Barcelona City FM, and future live events, I like to play super dirty beats! Also, introducing new artists to the airways is a passion of mine.”

Concerning Barcelona, he really appreciates how welcoming and artistic the city is and calls it “the best city in the world with the most beautiful people”, where he’d love to move.

For his next gigs, he keeps things mysterious. But he is having his debut album coming out this summer and will be on tour. For more information and new tracks keep up-dated via  Barcelona City FM!

Written by Laura Kabelka
[email protected]

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