4,5 million citizens affected by planned rise in water price

The municipal front is strongly against the probable rise of 11,8% of water prices that the ATLL (Aigües Ter Llobregat) is planning to apply. If this increase is imposed, this will cost families approximately one euro per month and it affects about 4,5 million citizens. For municipalities, the cost of supply will skyrocket by more than 10 million.

This week, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB), the Consorci Besòs-Tordera and the Federació de Municipis de Catalunya (FMC) will file an administrative appeal against this increase. In addition, they will request the precautionary suspension of the increase so it cannot enter into force while the appeal is being treated in courts.

The vice-president of the AMB, Eloi Badia, and the president of the consortium and member of the executive committee of the FMC, Sergi Mingote, announced it at a press conference on Monday, after the board of directors of the Catalan Agència de ‘Aigua (ACA) approved this increase of 11.8% of water in December.

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