Spain says there are no political crimes, but politicians who commit crimes

The Government can not yet take steps to make Anna Gabriel return to Spain to respond before the Justice. This intervention will start when the Supreme Court asks the Executive to request the Swiss Government to extradite her.

No actions have been taken yet, but a Swiss Justice spokesman has commented very negatively on extraditing Gabriel, because his country prohibits the delivery of so-called political criminals.

A couple of days ago, Anna Gabriel (42) stated in Geneva that she has not asked for political asylum, although it is an option she does not rule out. In case of staying, she will “try to resume the academic path. I was a law professor at the University of Barcelona and will try to work and settle here. If that’s not possible due to an extradition order, I will ask for political asylum.” The former CUP leader left for Switzerland for the obvious reason that she will be more useful for the movement there than behind bars, which is the bitter fate of some of her colleagues.

Spanish Minister of Justice, Rafael Catalá, said that “in Spain, there are no political crimes so you can not request an extradition for this.” If the Supreme Court asks the Government to request Gabriel’s extradition, it must define the exact crimes and document will be sent to the Swiss Government.

For now, everything remains the way it is until Judge Pablo Llarena actives extradition. “The request for extradition that may eventually be requested to Switzerland will always be for ordinary crimes of our Criminal Code, which is similar to that of European democracies, whether by sedition, rebellion, robbery or murder, but never by opinions or ideologies,” the Judge reiterated. So in Spain, there are no political crimes, but politicians who commit crimes.

Written by Laura Kabelka
[email protected]

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