Support for independence decreased to 40.8%

Last October the support for independence reached a record high of 48,7%, and within three months, it dropped by 8 percent. This is a notable fall within just three months. 53.9% prefer to remain part of Spain, according to the CEO (Opinion Studies Center) of January. For this survey,  1,200 interviews were conducted between January 10 and 30 this year.

A fall of eight points in these three months when Puigdemont’s government declared independence, the Spanish Government intervened with the Generalitat via article 155, and elections took place where the independence movement got the majority in the Catalan Chamber, repeatedly.

When looking at the political parties in this respect, for the first time the Junts per Catalunya (JxCAT) formation appears in a CEO, the personal candidacy of the dismissed president Carles Puigdemont. The CUP is still the party with the most supporters of independence, with 90.3%.  The followers of Puigdemont’s party are very close to their result with 90.1% openly supporting Catalan independence and, finally, 84.9% of Catalans who sympathize with ERC answer yes when asked if they want Catalonia to be an independent state.

Of course, the opposite parties head for the other directions, with 95.8% (Ciutadanos), 92.7% (PSC) and 84.2% (PP) voting against independence.

The survey also provides information about the wishes of the Catalans regarding the legislature that has already begun, but which is still blocked by the lack of agreement between the independence forces. Asked about the process, 35.9% believe that the new pro-independence government must “seek a bilateral agreement” with the Rajoy government. 19% consider that the new Government should re-bet on the “unilateral route” while 20% urged “to abandon the process, participate in the commission for the reform of the constitution and reform of the financing system” and 11.7% to follow with the current autonomous state.

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