Barcelona City FM launches the drivetime. We introduce ten entertainers who turn weekday afternoons into a party

Barcelona City FM radio already has a long list of shows, radio hosts, and both resident and guest DJs. However, now we have decided it is time for something fresh and new. Every weekday, from 5 PM to 9 PM, you can tune in to listen to our drivetime – a set of 10 great shows and music mixes which will accompany you on your way home from work or get you ready for your evening out! Here, we introduce our drivetime crew – they are all experienced radio hosts and DJs, however, now they are meeting together in a whole new format of the shows.

We’re starting off Monday at 5 PM with our resident DJ Katty, whose UK garage and house mixes have sold out Garage 442 club five times in a row – and you’ll see why.  He says his mission is to bring people positive vibes and that is all that Monday’s UK House and Garage is about. He is followed by The Monday Night Project, an evening show hosted by Joe Lobo and Abbie Fantastic. They have a talent for finding interesting guests and so every Monday they create a mosaic of inspiring personas, great music selection and fun interviews.


Tuesday drivetime launches again at 5 PM, this time with Matthew Murtha’s Technically Funny show. He has years of experience with comedy and he proves his expertise in the studio as well as on a stage. He is followed by two hours of our weekly guest mix – a fresh mixdown of new music made by our guest DJs.

Wednesday programme starts with Jim and Jordan and their great combination of the British and the Irish humour. They’re not afraid to go into any topic and look at the bright side of life. They are followed by Noelle and Louise and their Pure Deadly show. As they said, they don’t take themselves too seriously, but they are definitely experts on new tunes and they always know perfectly how to mix it to make your evening enjoyable.

Thursday we’re starting off with amazing Alex Lebron, who is a pro when it comes to setting a chilled out mood and great interviews. He is our favourite entertainer and quite likely he’ll be yours as well. He is followed by Bacon and Hugo and their Business with Bacon show, where they’re onto everything new in the music industry. They have a natural talent to captivate you with their news and fun facts and turn you into music enthusiast after a single show with them.

Fridays belong to three different groups of people. We have Cedric and Abbie, two entertainers with a great selection of guests coming on air every other week, taking turns with Matthew and Farida. The very last show of the week is Anarosa’s Friyay show – if you’ve been listening to Barcelona City FM for some time now, then you know her contagious energy and the great vibes which will get you absolutely hooked for a great Friday night out.

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