The Susqueda Crime: Marijuana as a possible motive

The judge of Santa Coloma de Farners sent Jordi Magentí, the main suspect in the Susqueda crime, to prison yesterday. The decision was communicated late in the afternoon after an intense day in which the accused was taken to the courts and later to the crime scene in the Susqueda reservoir to reconstruct the facts. But Magentí refused to collaborate and did not contribute much to the investigation while he keeps claiming his innocence.

The crime was committed on August 24 and the following day Magentí returned to the swamp to dispose of the bodies by submerging them in the waters with backpacks filled with stones. He further got rid of the car and the kayak.

The Mossos are very clear that the suspect was in the swamp at the time of the assassination. This was confirmed by cameras who filmed the Land Rover traveling through the swamp and the subsequent day by the camera of a gas station. There are also telephone conversations held with relatives in which the accused unwittingly incriminated himself since he gave details that only someone who was in Susqueda at that time could know.

In 1997, Jordi Magentí cold-bloodedly murdered his ex-wife by shooting her in the back. For this, he spent 12 years in prison. Magent´i’s criminal record and the details of the investigation are reasons why the agents of the Unidad de Desaparecidos do not doubt his guilt.

But what were the motives for such a cruel act? One hypothesis is related to the cultivation of marijuana, to which Magentí was very dedicated. One of the plantations was in the swamp and close to where the crime occurred. Plausibly, the two young people surprised Magentí in his plantation to which he reacted violently.

The process will continue for several months. Carles Monguilod, Marc and Paula’s relatives’ lawyer, assured that the relatives are grateful for the work of the Mossos and “do not want the investigation to be closed in false.” They just want to know “what happened to their children.”

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