Impact of the Feminist March in Barcelona on Public Transport and Social Services

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, Barcelona is impacted by the feminist strike today, March 8. Various services are reduced to a minimum level and transportation, social services, and information services are particularly affected by this strike.

Renfe has canceled 105 AVE and Long Distance trains and 199 medium-distance trains scheduled for today. Travelers who were supposed to travel on trains that were canceled may choose between being relocated to another train or canceling their ticket at no cost.

In the case of commuter trains, at peak times the circulation of a maximum of 75% of trains is guaranteed and 50% for the rest of the day. For freight trains, minimum services of 25% have been established.

In the metropolitan area of Barcelona, means of transport will run 50% less frequently during rush hours (6.30-9.30AM and 5-8PM) and only 25% during less busy hours. The transport connecting Barcelona to its airport will be reduced to 50% of the usual service.

The assistance and social services, which include residences, assistance at home and social dining rooms, will operate normally. In the healthcare sector, emergencies and special units will offer normal service, although the outpatient care centers will limit the service to 25%.

As for the public service of radio and television, it is expected that the production and broadcasting or retransmission of the news program will be produced in 50% of the usual contents of its channels, stations, and portals. However, necessary information is guaranteed in case of an emergency for the population.

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