We Kiki with Violet Chachki!

Some people enjoy spending their cash seeing the likes of Ed Sheeran, Eminem or The Chainsmokers in concert. These people are not your friends. No, call us gay, queer or just fuckin’ fags but we’ll be down having our wigs snatched by Violet Chachki, Shangela, Katya, Valentina and more as they get ready to Werq the World 2018.

These kweens have just wrapped the Latin American leg of their tour and in May they’ll begin their European dates. See here for tickets and more info.     To celebrate we decided to kiki with Miss Chachki. Only this wasn’t going to be just any ol’ tea party. No, this was going to involve a grilling from all kinds of performers including Conchita, Joanne the Scammer, Jodie Harsh, Boomer Banks, The Boulet Brothers and her new BFF Casey Spooner. Check it out below…

Conchita Wurst

I think her gorgeousness has still got my phone charger. So when can I get it back?????

Omg! Haha, love you girl! Hopefully I’ll be back in Vienna very soooon!!

Joanne the Scammer

Is RuPaul an inspiration to you or just someone you had to go through to get what you wanted?

Was it worth it?

I think RuPaul’s work ethic is very inspiring! Yes it was worth it – of course, there’s downsides to the job – but I get paid to travel the world and create what I want. Not many artists can say that.

Boomer Banks

Imagine you’re on the cover of Vogue.

Who are you wearing? What’s the headline? Who are you shagging?

I’m wearing my own design. The headline reads ‘Violet Chachki and the importance of clothing as gender protest.’

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The Boulet Brothers

Did you sell your soul to win Rupaul’s Drag Race? (Asking for a friend).

Oh honey, I don’t have a soul – That’s how I can corset down so much!

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Jodie Harsh

What is your process in finding the right song to perform to?

I’m always listening to music and internet radio. If I hear a track and I get a visual – I go with it. I’m a very visual person. If I can see myself on a stage while I’m listening to a song, then I usually try to create what I see in my mind.

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The House of Avalon

If you had to do Night of 1000 Madonnas, who would you have chosen?

Hmmm…either ‘Justify My Love’ when she’s in the hallway with the trench coat and suitcase or The Girlie Show when she has on that black Thai-inspired rhinestone headdress.

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Teddy Torres

What are your thoughts towards there being an active LGBT “community” after you were kicked out of Le Dépôt in Paris?

My thoughts are the same as they were before. Just like outside of the community, lots of people are femme-phobic and transphobic within the community too. It’s sad. Especially when the people who have been outwardly effeminate and flamboyant are the ones responsible for the gay rights movement.

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Danny Franzese

Your spin and reveal has gone down in HERstory. Did you have that moment planned or was it a last minute decision?

I had that outfit already and would wear it at my shows in Atlanta. The reveal wasn’t part of the original design, It just happened to work when I flipped the sleeves. I chose it for the fall runway because tartan is very fall to me.

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Alex Mercurio

If you weren’t doing burlesque, what style of drag would you be doing?

There’s no other style that really interests me as much. I think glamour has the most power. If I wasn’t a burlesque performer I think I’d be a fashion designer.


Mikey Pop

Drag has obviously had a huge resurgence thanks to Drag Race but also thanks to social media and the endless memes and gifs. Firstly which is your favourite meme/gif? Secondly, what will be the next evolution of drag?

I’ve been loving all the All Stars 3 memes with Shangela and Kennedy. I think what’s next for drag is a true reality show, Kardashian’s style, the shit we encounter on the road is so wild it would be such great TV. I also think we need a true drag pop star.

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And the Bonus Round with Violet’s BFF Casey Spooner


Do you feel trapped by your persona?

Sometimes, yes. But I think that has to do with society and social constructs more than anything.

What does sweaty vs sweetie mean to you?

You’re sweaty and I’m sweetie.

Are you working on a song called ‘feather boa’?

I don’t know. You tell me. Are WE working on a song called ‘feather boa’?

Why do you feel an affinity to Pierre Molinier?

I think I have a connection to the narcissism and eroticism behind his self portraiture.

Do you miss Casey Spooner?


Who is filming The Casey & Violet show?

Good question. Any takers?

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Find out more about Violet at http://violetchachki.net/ or follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Werq The World 2018 kicks off again on 18th May in Berlin. Find out more here.

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