Uber is back in Barcelona… But not as we know it!

Back In Town

For three years Barcelona has been one of the very few major cities in Europe where you can’t simply ‘call an Uber’. This was caused by a suspension of the Uber in 2014, which forced the unlicensed out of Spain.

However, Uber has now returned to Barcelona with new, upgraded system. News agency Reuters quotes Uber General Manager for Southwest Europe Carles Lloret: “We are changing the way we do business, putting integrity at the core of every decision we make and working hard to earn the trust of the cities in which we operate. Barcelona is no exception.”

Hoy tenemos algo que contaros: #HolaBarcelona

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So what’s new? 

The new Uber system UberX will replace previously used UberPop. According to UberBlog „all the drivers on the Uber app will own a professional driving license B121 […]. This change will allow uberPOP drivers to become professional drivers and use the Uber app as a source of revenues”

Citizens of Barcelona will be, therefore, able to use Uber again, this time without the risk of unverified, inexperienced or simply unlicensed drivers. The question that remains is, how will other taxi services in Barcelona react to this change.


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