One third of Spanish pensioners charge below the poverty line

About 3.1 million pensioners, which is an equivalent of 32.6% of all retirees, charge less than 8,200€ per year, therefore earning below the poverty threshold. This data is derived from a report by the Technicians of the Ministry of Finance (Gestha).

The need to increase minimum pensions is highly urgent for Gestha. The revaluation of the pensions is contingent upon the Government’s approval of the General State Budgets for 2018.

Canarias, Galicia and Murcia, with a percentage close to 40%, are the communities in which there is a greater proportion of pensioners who receive pensions below the poverty line. At the other extreme are Madrid and Aragón, with percentages close to 26%, and Asturias (23.8%). The region Catalonia, with 521,763 (30%) also has a great number of pensioners receiving below the poverty line.

According to Gestha, there is also a huge gender gap: 60,4% of pensioners receiving below the poverty line are female, an equivalent of 1,9 women. Women over 65 receive a pension almost 49% lower than men of that age group. Specifically, this gap is 5,770 euros.

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