The Cambridge-Analytica Affair and Mark Zuckerberg

The whole world is reporting on the scandal of data breaches, only the founder of Facebook remains silent. Five days have passed since the release of the data breach by Cambridge Analytica and it was announced that this is about 50 million Facebook profiles. The world is now waiting for a statement from Mark Zuckerberg. Only yesterday, the company announced that he is dealing with it around the clock and therefore had no time to comment yet.

Both companies are under enormous pressure. The CEO of Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix, was suspended yesterday and at the same time, the Facebook stock has fallen by almost seven percent. Everyone is waiting for Zuckerberg, but the last public post of the otherwise active manager shows him and his wife Priscilla baking on March 2.

On Monday, US Senator Ron Wyden sent a detailed list of questions on the case to Zuckerberg, which he should answer by April 13. Two members of the Judiciary Committee of the United States Senate called for a hearing with the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter and Google.

The hashtag #DeleteFacebook, which gained popularity in 2015 is now being used again and also #WheresZuck is becoming popular.

What happened?
The privacy of 50 million Facebook users has allegedly been violated and their personal data, used without their consent for the election campaign of Donald Trump. This happened two years ago, but those affected have not yet been informed and possibly have not even been identified by Facebook.

The scandal, whose complete repercussions are not yet known, has opened an immense crisis of confidence. Washington, London and Brussels have demanded explanations. Cambridge Analytica is shifting more and more into focus: A company that was considered the great prodigy of electoral alchemy for years and now, after an investigation by The New York Times and The Observer, threatens to disintegrate everyone involved. A time bomb that is equally capable of blackmailing politicians and fiddling with the demons of the Russian plot and its great protagonists. From the fallen National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, to Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and presidential son-in-law, Jared Kushner. 

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