Venezuela: At least 68 died in prisoner’s riot

On Wednesday, at least 68 people are confirmed to have died in a presumed fire in the cells of a police station in Valencia, capital of the northern state of Carabobo. Numerous inmates were burned, others suffocated, and among the victims were visitors.

According to Attorney General Tarek’s tweet, now fours prosecutors should investigate the incident:

Carlos Nieto, from the organization Una Ventana a la Libertad (A Window to Freedom) stated some prisoners attempted to escape by setting mattresses on fires and taking a guard’s gun.

The visitors who died were apparently two women visiting inmates. After the accident, relatives waited in front of the police station, but the situation turned violent and teargas was released by the twenty officers guarding the police station. Later, the government of Carabobo expressed its solidarity for the relative of the fatal victims and assures their support with funeral services.

After the incident, dozens of relatives waited in the afternoon in front of the police station waiting for information, a situation that turned violent and resulted in the release of tear gas by the twenty police officers guarding the police station.

Prisons in Venezuela are completely overcrowded, which is why inmates are frequently housed in the cells of police stations.  Sadly, this violent uprising is no isolated case in Venezuela. Angry relatives are claiming information about detained relatives following the fire.


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