Four casualties and one suicide: The assault on the YouTube headquarters

Last Tuesday, a 39-year-old woman wounded four people before taking her own life at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, near San Francisco. Confusions about the number of the injured people can be explained by the fourth one being a person who tried to escape, thereby straining one ankle. The other casualties were wounded by Nasim Nafaji Aghdam’s shots and a man is in critical condition. All four casualties were brought to a nearby hospital.

Apparently, the perpetrator did not know any of the casualties and her motivation is said to be hatred against the company, which she accused of discrimination according to Reuters.

The attacker lived in San Diego and had four YouTube channels, where she published content in Farsi, Turkish and English. Only recently, she complained about Youtube’s remuneration policy and on Instagram, she published a post saying that her Youtube channels had been filtered by YouTube so that her videos could hardly be seen.

Aghdam was a vegan activist and animal advocate. She stated that she does not believe in the freedom of expression in the real world since you will be suppressed for telling what you really feel. On her website, she mentions that Youtube does not allow equal opportunities and channels will only grow if they want them to.

After the attack, her four YouTube channels were deactivated due to “serious violations of YouTube’s policies”.



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