Rebellion, terrorism and public disorder: Seven more detained in Catalonia

This morning, the Civil Guard detained a member of the CDR (Committees of Defense of the Republic) who is allegedly responsible for coordinating roadblocks and sabotaging the tolls carried out by activists during the Holy Week in the autonomous region. Crimes such as terrorism and rebellion are supposedly part of the accusation of the woman from Viladecans, who will be transferred to Madrid. The Civil Guard defined her as an “ideologist”.

But not only one person was arrested in Catalunya today. The Mossos d’Esquadra also arrested six more people in Malgrat de Mar, Arenys de Mar, Òrrius, Pont de Vilomara and in Solsona, for participating in the besiegement of parliament. For these six people detained, the accusations “merely” include public disorder and attack against the authorities.

It is probable that the Civil Guard will detain more people throughout the day and they state that this is not an operation against structures of the CDR, but against people and their actions in particular.

The response of the CDR of Catalonia on Twitter was to mobilize the independence movement in Esplugues de Llobregat under the slogan “If the touch us, they will touch us all.”

Other statements on Twitter include “ is not terrorism. Protest is not . There is no terror, except from a State that knows it cannot silence a people.”

It is attempted to carry out an international protest for freedom in Catalonia in various cities, such as London and Barcelona, on April 15.

Laura Kabelka
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