Civil Guard suspects subsidies were used to pay for October referendum

The Civil Guard suspects that subsidies for Junts pel Sí could have been used to pay for the expenses for the promotion of the referendum on October 1. This is stated in the final report that was delivered to the judge Pablo Llarena. The investigators estimate the money allegedly embezzled for the referendum to be approximately 2 million euros.

Investigators have reached this conclusion after identifying a total payment of 17,690€ for the contract for the cession of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya space, signed by Jordi Turull, imprisoned on March 23, as the president of the Parliamentary Group Junts pel Yes, for an event held on July 4.

This act, according to the Civil Guard, was aiming to increase the participation for the referendum and citizens were encouraged to vote with a Yes. The organization, as well as the event in the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, held and funded by Junts pel Sí. The money is said to have come from public subsidies.

Regarding the misappropriation, there have been further costs calculated by the Civil Guard of 40,227€ for IT material, 152,587€ for the voting ballots and about 61,879€ disseminated posters managed by Òmnium Cultural. Also, they verified the use of 980,000€ for the payment to the company Unipost for the distribution of envelopes, which is said to have come from the departments of Culture, Vice-Presidency, Health, Labor and Social Affairs, and the Presidency.


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