Barcelona expats held hostage by greedy pilots

Today, pilots from the airline Vueling are striking today, April 25, and tomorrow, which they will repeat on May 5 and May 6. They are putting to test the company’s recently introduced operative model.

This will affect about 246 flights in the first two days of the strike, even though the ministry set a minimum cover of 82% of flights and 86% of transported passengers. Here is a list of flights canceled.

Vueling is trying to convey tranquility and has been trying to relocate many of the passengers affected.

The pilots are aiming to make the company commit to expanding the Spanish bases, rather than expanding the bases abroad, as is planned by Vueling. Furthermore, they have requested a salary increase of up to 30%. According to the pilot’s union (SEPLA), more than 120 pilots have already left the company and joined competitors such as Norwegian or Ryanair.

According to aerotime news hub, over 1.5 million EU travelers are suffering yearly from employees clashing with the airline’s policies. They believe that a traveler-friendly approach should be chosen over a pro-airline law.

Have you ever experienced canceled or delayed flights? If you want to actively fight against this, you might want to sign the petition by the platform Avaaz by Skycop.

Laura Kabelka
[email protected]

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