Cifuentes resigned due to allegations of theft

In her case, stealing anti-aging cream has probably had the opposite effect of what Cifuentes intended to achieve. Although it must be noted that the accusations of a group of Eroski workers were not supported by evidence, Cristina Cifuentes resigned this Wednesday, although she describes the incident as “an involuntary mistake”.

The three-minute footage that became very popular online showed her emptying her handbag of the items and giving them to a security guard. This video was taken at a time when Cifuentes was deputy for the Madrid regional assembly. Since she eventually paid for the products, the case did not make it to the courts at that time.

This is not the only controversy involving Cifuentes, since her career has already been attacked over her ‘fake Master degree’. For this, Cifuentes blamed the university for any errors causing doubt as to whether she had ever attended classes. But the shoplifting video seems to have been too much pressure on her political career. Her resignation adds to the crisis surrounding Rajoy’s government, which is already struggling.

Rajoy supports her decision of resigning, saying “She did what she had to do”. Cifuentes calls herself a victim of this “mudslinging campaign”.


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