NO ES NO – The ‘La Manada’ case

Pamplona, situated in the middle of Navarre, as well as the rest of Spain are still standing against ‘La Manada’, since they only got a 9-years-sentence for “aggression” rather than abuse.

The situation is anything but calm in Pamplona, where advocates for women’s right cannot believe that this case is actually marking a move backward in violence against women.

The five men, who are also known as the “wolf pack” were accused of having raped a young woman during the 2016 celebrations of San Fermin, a yearly Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. The sentence they received was not as harsh as the public would have liked to see, which is why it led to numerous protests all over Spain. Also because they were not accused of sexual violations, although the men had sent each other WhatsApp messages glorifying rape just before the act. The Navarre regional government statedly will appeal this sentence.

The name of the group “La Manada” can be translated to “The Pack” or “The Wolf Pack” since sexual assault can be connected to group dynamics.  La Vanguardia further elaborates on this comparison in this article. Here it is said, that for herds or groups it is very typical to generate a strength that connects and preserves them; the members tend to forget their particular fears or deficits and they like to choose an external scapegoat. But the act of the five men can not be excused by any sort of predetermined mechanism or instinct; their act of aggression was decisive and is therefore completely imputable.

Furthermore, the two members Antonio Manuel Guerrero and Alfonso Jesús Cabezuelo are still collecting 75% of their salaries from the Civil Guard and the Army. Apparently, this won’t change until the final judgment on the case.

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