Amancio Ortega will win 8,020€ per second today – thanks to Inditex

The Spanish business tycoon and founder of the fashion group Inditex will earn 693 million euros gross today. This money comes from the dividend paid by Inditex to its shareholders. Amancio Ortega owns 59,29% of the shares.

By paying the respective dividends, Ortega’s income is 28,875,000€ per hour, 481,250€ per minute and 8,020€ per second. In November, another dividend of the same amount is to be distributed.

At the age of 82, Amancio Ortega has the largest fortune in all Spain and ranks number six in the world, according to the Forbes real-time ranking. This year’s dividends will be 10% more than last year’s 1,256 million euros.

Although the fashion sector is facing challenges due to the popularity of online competitors, Inditex already reported a sales growth of 9% at the end January 2018. Also, Inditex is doing well with the online sales, which grew by 41% in the last year.


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