Loreen, Conchita and King Jedet bring unity back to Barcelona

Liberty. Diversity. Unity. #allmyloving

In today’s press conference for Pride Barcelona at none other than Barcelona’s Casa Batlló, the spokesmen conveyed a very clear message: People shall love and be whoever they want, look whatever they like and ‘simply’ be free. It shall be shown that Barcelona unites people and is safe, rather than in a state of disaster as is portrayed in international media.

The theme of this year’s pride is LGTBI refugees, which emphasizes that not everyone is in such a privileged position of having these above-mentioned rights. In more than 80 countries, people who dare to be themselves are facing imprisonment, torture and mental violence, persecution, and even assassination attempts. Therefore, many try to get away from their fate and seek asylum in other countries. Barcelona is a new home to many of these victims from Marruecos, Venezuela, etc and they are facing numerous problems, such as difficulties to access work or housing.

Thus, not only do we have to love ourselves more, but also people around us and those who came from outside. Barcelona is a colorful, metropolitan city that is full of different shapes and faces. And diversity and power go hand in hand.

Since 2008, Barcelona has been hosting the main LGBTI pride celebration in the Mediterranean! The celebrations go on for over a week, with the manifestation on June 30. This year, 300,000 people are expected to join. But the Pride Barcelona is not only about celebrating, partying, dancing or seeing Loreen, Conchita or King Jedet perform; it shall also be reinforced that we have much more to keep fighting for, not only in Spain but especially in less advanced societies, where same-sex love is considered a crime.

Although conferences, street markets, and DJ events will be held starting from June 14, this year’s program has its climax on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 from 11 AM to 2 AM, where every age is invited to celebrate on Avenida Maria Cristina, right before Plaza Espanya.

Written by Laura Kabelka
[email protected]


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