Further moves to tackle ‘mass tourism’ in Spain

Spain’s popular tourist destinations continue to tackle the problem of holiday rentals pricing out local residents.

The Mallorcan capital, Palma, recently became the first Spanish city to ban private holiday rentals in a measure which will become effective from July.

Barcelona’s Mayor, Ada Colau, has also been working to curb the growing influx of visitors to the city since taking office in 2015. The regional government has collected in excess of €4 million in fines from firms Airbnb and HomeAway for promoting accommodation lacking the correct permit.

Valencia’s regional government is now joining the fight, preparing to vote on a new tourism law designed to tackle their problems with holiday rentals. The new legislation will ensure that these are also corrected licensed and, in the popular area of the Ciutat Vella, new rentals will no longer be permitted at all. To boot, any new holiday rentals in the remainder of the city will have to be ground and first floor only, leaving those rooms with a top view out of reach to holiday makers.

Let’s hope that these moves help to quell the tourist backlash and that in 2019, Barcelona no longer features in CNN’s ‘12 destinations travelers might want to avoid’ list!

Rebecca Dillon
[email protected]


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