New Catalan government expected today

A newbie to politics, 55 year old Quim Torra is expected to be announced as the new regional president later today after a vote at Catalonia’s majority separatist parliament.

Handpicked by unseated leader Carles Puigdemont, Torra has pushed for pro-independence for years as a member of various separatist organisations and through his work managing a cultural centre in El Born, Barcelona.

Securing the position seems likely after the radical anti-capitalist, separatist CUP party decided to maintain their vote of abstention. The majority of lawmakers left to vote are pro-independence.

Puigdemont himself continues to remain in Berlin, awaiting the verdict on his possible extradition over the charge of misuse of public funds. If he avoids this, he will need to make a decision, remain in his self-exile or return to face jail here in Spain.

Rebecca Dillon

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