Flight disruptions affect Barcelona’s El Prat airport

The USCA (Air-Traffic Controllers’ Union) have announced a number of strikes over the summer at El Prat airport, Barcelona.

The strikes will inevitably affect flights in and out of the airport and it all begins on June 20th, when the really busy summer period kicks off.

Misery has begun early for some, including my own parents, as French air traffic controllers join a national strike by public sector workers in France this week, resulting in the cancellation of a number of flights to/from/over France on Tuesday 22nd May, with Barcelona being the worst affected.

Ryanair (whose customer service number proved to be a delight this morning-more than 30 minutes of holding before being cut off) are encouraging customers to sign A4E’s online petition, ‘Keep Europe’s Skies Open’ in an attempt to prevent small groups of Air Traffic Control (ATC) unions striking and closing the skies as a result.

I personally will be signing it, anything that helps to avoid the major stress that I now know occurs when my parents travel plans are disrupted! 😬

Rebecca Dillon

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