No more flipflops, shorts or tank tops – at least for Barcelona’s taxi drivers

The taxi scene in Barcelona is about to change. Or at least the drivers’ appearance, since the Institut Metropolità del Taxi (Imet) is introducing stricter regulations concerning the look of taxi drivers in the Catalan Capital next week. Tank tops, tracksuits, flipflops or shorts will soon be a thing of the past for taxi drivers.

Some taxi drivers believe this is a very important step to take, as Cabify and Uber drivers are usually wearing smart suits and clothes and would never show their armpits, so competition is strong not only in relation to the prices. Especially summer being around the corner will show how easily flipflop-lovers can let go of their customs.

So far, the rules set by the Imet were rather ambiguous, saying that “clothing must conform to social norms” and prohibiting dirty clothes or shoes which could be problematic for road safety when driving. These very imprecise regulations have left room for many questions and now it’s high time to change them.

Another problem is that only four inspectors are enforcing the standards, which is not enough for the many taxi drivers in the city. Last year, 550 warnings were given and only five of them got fines between 60 and 250 euros. The new regulations will not increase these amounts, but the aim is to improve the image of the regular taxi drivers in the metropolitan area of Barcelona starting this summer.

Written by Laura Kabelka
[email protected]

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