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Tuesday 22nd of May saw a gathering of the Barcelona Business community at the K+K Hotel as hosted by BarcelonaCItyFM 107.3 and 101.8

First on stage was Jean Francios Alandry the MD from the leading independent Corporate Finance firm in Spain, EuroHold.

He explained both the role of corporate financiers and some of the technicalities of doing the deal. He expressed optimism for 2018 saying that there was far more capital in the market than opportunities and therefore high valuations are possible.

Next up was Elisabeth Batista an expert in International business law from the law firm Aequo Abogados

Who explained the detail behind the numerous different corporate structures in Spain. All business owners know that Spain is extremely bureaucratic but there is no avoiding the importance of getting the structure right for your own business objectives.

Finally, Tim Cakir, who can be followed on Linkedin spoke about the importance of growth hacking. He suggested the conversation should not be about how much we are willing to spend on social media adverts but on the many other intelligent ways, some artificial, to reach new audiences and convert them to clients.

Jean Francois Alandry [email protected]

His presentation can de downloaded here for 7 days 

Elisabeth Batista [email protected]

Her presentation can be downloaded here for 7 days

Tim Cakir [email protected]

If you would like to be a speaker, sponsor or attendee at future events. Please email [email protected]

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