Being a local tourist? YAYS makes it happen

What do you think Barcelona and Amsterdam have in common?
Apart from both being very popular travel destinations with numerous attractions and water positively impacting the city’s vibes, they are also home to a new concept of authentic tourism: YAYS!

In Barcelona, YAYS offers 32 comfortable apartments in the lovely neighborhood Sagrera. Are you looking for a home away from home? Then you should check out what YAYS Sagrera has to offer, apart from access to swimming pools, public parking, and a cozy lounge.

So what is special about the YAYS experience?
Instead of staying in the extremely busy and touristic center of Barcelona, you will be living like a local in an authentic area, where you can actually meet Catalans. Situated in historical buildings in concierge boutique apartments, you can explore the real Barcelona in tranquillity, although the Sagrada Familia is also within walking distance.

Also, you will be able to benefit from various services that come with the YAYS experience and you can count on a 24h service!

Get more info about the YAYS Sagrera offers in Carrer de Puerto Principe 26-40 via [email protected]

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