Breaking news-Spain has a new PM!

Nicknamed ‘Mr Handsome’, 46 year old Spaniard Pedro Sanchez has made a spectacular comeback from past political defeats to today become Spain’s new Prime Minister.

Mariano Rajoy, who previously held the post for more than six years and who was expected to resign, has made history as the first PM in modern Spanish history to be ousted in a no-confidence vote.

He and his political party, the Conservative Peoples Party, have been dogged by a corruption vandal in recent months.

Speaking to his now predecessor in a speech in Parliament on Thursday, Sanchez said “You’re from the past, this country is on the verge of turning the page and Spain must look to the future without fear.”

We now await news of the new cabinet, which should be announced after the weekend, during which Mr Sanchez will be officially sworn in.

Rebecca Dillon

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